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Getting started with SFTP

SFTP is a simple way to send data related to electronic invoicing.
You simply upload your documents to efacto's sftp server and then they are being picked up and processed within 5 minutes.
The ToEfacto folder is where your documents to your customers should be uploaded.
The FromEfacto folder will contain documents you receive from other parties.

For this guide we will be using FileZilla, but any sftp client will do.
FileZilla can be downloaded Here

  1. Open FileZilla
  2. On the integrations overview click the "Credentials" button
  3. Click the copy button next to "Host"
  4. In FileZilla, paste the copied value into the host input field
  5. Do the same for username, password and port
  6. CLick the "Quickconnect" button
  7. You should now be logged in and ready to copy files

For advanced users, we recommend WinSCP as an alternative.